Recent Talks and Workshops:

November 2019 - Hong Kong Baptist University

                               Vision Board Art Therapy Workshop

October 2019 - German Swiss International School (primary) 

                            Mindful Doodling for Stress Management

September 2019 - Singapore International School Hong Kong

                                Strategies to make the school year successful

June 2019 - Discovery Mind International

                      Positive Parenting

                      The Art of Mindfulness


May 2019 - Rennaisance College Hong Kong

                     Managing Test Anxiety 


November 2018 - German Swiss International School (to parents)

                               The Art of Selfcare 


November 2018 - Hong Kong Baptist University

                               Visual Journalling to express yourself

September 2018 - German Swiss International School (to parents)

                                Making and Keeping Friends. 

                           A talk on how parents can support their children's social life. 

June 2018 - German Swiss International School (to parents)

                      What is home? Where is home?
                      A workshop to explore what it means to be expatriate.

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