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Shift is a private therapy practice based in Hong Kong. Marianne Lagutaine, MA, AThR, is the resident therapist at Shift. Marianne is passionate about supporting clients on their journey from addressing acute symptoms to sustaining mental wellbeing and happiness. 


Research has demonstrated that the therapeutic alliance positively influences therapy outcome and that a one-size approach might not be right for everyone. Marianne is trained in both art therapy, and counseling. Her approach is based on a humanistic framework that emphasises the client's inherent strengths and capabilities. Because every client is unique, Marianne discusses the therapy goals together with the client and tailors the therapeutic approach to the individual client and their specific challenges.


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With adults, Marianne aims to help the client gain insight into less helpful patterns of behaviour and collaboratively determine therapy goals. Together with the client, Marianne embarks on the journey of personal growth and change management. Marianne also supports parents in their parenting journey and families in transition. Marianne is increasingly supporting families during the challenging process of separation and de-coupling.


With children,  art therapy and play therapy interventions are a wonderful way to uncover resources within, to build confidence and to support optimal development. At the same time, this would be reinforced through psycho-education and coaching for the parents to better support the child at home.  Marianne has worked with children presenting with anxiety, depression, ASD, OCD, and body repetitive behaviors. 


Marianne has obtained both a Masters in Counselling and a Masters in Art Therapy. Furthermore, she has gained certificates in Parenting Coordination, Mentalization, Bowen Systems Therapy, Family Therapy, Developmental Play Therapy. Marianne is a contributor in the SMPC Education section. Please feel free to contact Marianne for more information.

During this time of Covid-19 Marianne can offer sessions as tele-therapy or in person. 

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Services provided  

At times children benefit from professional support to help them flourish.
Art therapy and play therapy are wonderful ways to work with children as this promotes emotional processing as well as supporting development of fine motor skills, impulse control and building confidence.

Working with families, Marianne is passionate about helping clients find coping strategies that are a good fit while concurrently supporting the parents with suggestions for specific parenting strategies. If you think your child or adolescent might benefit from support, please reach out for an initial conversation.


Marianne provides psychotherapy and counselling for adults to support her clients in their journey of personal growth.


Depending on the individual needs of the client, this may include using art to promote self-awareness and expression or more traditional talk therapy and CBT to address specific issues.


Marianne has successfully helped clients process and address issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, self-esteem and transitionary challenges.

Negotiating the task of parenting after a separation or divorce is challenging.


Marianne has both specialized training and experience in working with families to counsel them during this time of transition. She also provides therapeutic support to children during this time of change.


To find out more, please contact Marianne to start a confidential conversation.



Negotiating the task of parenting with a co-parent after and during separation or divorce is challenging.


Marianne has both specialized training and experience in working with families to counsel them during this time of transition. She often concurrently provides therapeutic support to children during this time of change.


To find out more, please contact Marianne to start a confidential conversation.



children & adolescents

Experienced in public speaking, running workshops and seminars, Marianne has covered topics on a variety of subjects such as Wellness, Stress Management, Positive Parenting, The Art of Mindfulness and Visual Journaling in international schools and corporate organisations.


Furthermore, she has previously provided group art facilitations for the Affordable Art Fair both in Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as IMH in Singapore, Hong Kong Baptist University and HKAAT.



Where do the sessions take place?

Therapy can take place at Marianne's office Southside or in Central. Additionally, Marianne offers in-home visits or Teletherapy. 

How much does it cost? 

Sessions are usually charged at 1200 HKD per 50 minutes. Initial sessions for adults are longer and take 90 minutes and are billed pro-rata. This allows time to establish rapport and take a comprehensive history. Marianne considers clients on a sliding fee scale, please contact her below. Please note that there is a 24-hour cancellation policy in place.

How many sessions are needed? 

This is highly dependent on the individual case. Therapy is positively impacted by trust and the therapeutic alliance. Both these take time. Some clients have chosen to invest in therapy for a length of time and then return when they need additional support. 

What's the process? 

Therapy is at its core a collaborative process. Together with the client, the therapy builds on existing coping skills to meet life's challenges. Furthermore, a client might have tried to enact change previously, yet some additional support is needed. This support might be provided through art and creative processes, empathic listening, psycho-education or parent coaching.  


How do I prepare my child for therapy? 

It might be helpful to tell your son or daughter something like this: 

"You are going to spend an hour with Marianne so you can learn more about your feelings and how to express and handle them like a champion. Marianne is there to support you in figuring out any problems you might have." 


What to expect from therapy? 

Therapy is rarely a quick fix. Like in life, in therapy kids grow through guided playing, artmaking and talking in order to build communication skills and understanding. Sometimes it is helpful for the whole family to support the process and your therapist will support you on your journey. 


What are the goals of child therapy? 

Fundamental goals consist of enabling the child to work through their concerns, create helpful thinking patterns and build coping strategies. Therapy addresses family or school problems, promotes emotional regulation and integration, builds self-esteem and enables the child to understand negative consequences and motivate for change. There may be other, specific goals that the parent or the child bring to the sessions.  In therapy, Marianne frequently works with conditions such as anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, self-harm, trauma, ADHD and disruptive behaviors. 


What does confidentiality mean in the context of therapy? 

The therapeutic environment of safety and trust is built through open disclosure and being confident that there are no repercussions or negative consequences. 

To build the relationship on honesty requires the therapist to be authentic and also make known that there are limits to confidentiality. Therefore, if there is a danger to the safety of the client or others, the therapist needs to break confidentiality.   



For further questions and to arrange a confidential initial 15-minute chat,

please contact Marianne directly. 



Sessions can be conducted as in-home visits,
at our Southside office, or in Central.


contact Marianne at +852 53388329


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