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Shift is a private therapy practice based in Hong Kong. Marianne Lagutaine, MA, AThR, is the resident therapist at Shift. Marianne is passionate about supporting clients on their journey from addressing acute symptoms to sustaining mental wellbeing and happiness. 


Research has demonstrated that the therapeutic alliance positively influences therapy outcome and that a one-size approach might not be right for everyone. Marianne is trained in both art therapy, and counseling. Her approach is based on a humanistic framework that emphasises the client's inherent strengths and capabilities. Because every client is unique, Marianne discusses the therapy goals together with the client and tailors the therapeutic approach to the individual client and their specific challenges.


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With adults, Marianne aims to help the client gain insight into less helpful patterns of behaviour and collaboratively determine therapy goals. Together with the client, Marianne embarks on the journey of personal growth and change management. Marianne also supports parents in their parenting journey and families in transition. Marianne is increasingly supporting families during the challenging process of separation and de-coupling.


With children,  art therapy and play therapy interventions are a wonderful way to uncover resources within, to build confidence and to support optimal development. At the same time, this would be reinforced through psycho-education and coaching for the parents to better support the child at home.  Marianne has worked with children presenting with anxiety, depression, ASD, OCD, and body repetitive behaviors. 


Marianne has obtained both a Masters in Counselling and a Masters in Art Therapy. Furthermore, she has gained certificates in Parenting Coordination, Mentalization, Bowen Systems Therapy, Family Therapy, Developmental Play Therapy. Marianne is a contributor in the SMPC Education section. Please feel free to contact Marianne for more information.

During this time of Covid-19 Marianne can offer sessions as tele-therapy or in person. 

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Experienced in public speaking, running workshops and seminars, Marianne has covered topics on a variety of subjects such as Wellness, Stress Management, Positive Parenting, The Art of Mindfulness and Visual Journaling in international schools and corporate organisations.


Furthermore, she has previously provided group art facilitations for the Affordable Art Fair both in Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as IMH in Singapore, Hong Kong Baptist University and HKAAT.


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